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Coshire Inc. is a company providing a new cancer clinical trial treatment for patients with cancer. Our trial treatment is called Malignant Microenvironment Tumor Therapy (MMTT). This therapeutic protocol consists of nutrition supplementation with branch-chain amino acids, NSAID therapy (specifically, salicylic acid, or aspirin) and an in-home muscle training exercise program. Scientific literature has determined that cancer survival may be improved by similar rehabilitation programs or with low-dose aspirin. MMTT combines both in a novel way. This basic tumor treatment is combined with the various planned treatments directed at reducing tumor burden (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation) as required by the treating oncologists.

We put the patient in complete control of their clinical trial. We provide tablet technology allowing the patient to control their schedule regarding their treatment, all while supported by a clinical trials coordinator. Patients can also directly report when they are ill from treatment and receive expedited care support using their tablet device. Video access to billing specialists, nurse coordinators, and physicians is all possible with our technology. Rehabilitation and nutrition services are provided at the patient’s home, reducing inconvenience.


Meet our Staff


Coshire has a dedicated staff of medical, business and technology professionals available to meet your needs!