Providers - How to Participate

SB-37 (the Speier Law) protects usual and customary care for cancer therapies.  The patients participating in MMTT will have that therapy (PT, Nutrition, NSAID) covered by mandate from SB-37.  You may add your therapies (considered statistical modifiers of MMTT) on to our trial by providing your services as an independent contractor through Coshire Medical Group (CoMG) which is an out-of-network California Professional Corporation.  Coshire Inc (through an MSO agreement with CoMG) will then ensure that you receive at least “in-network” compensation for drugs, surgery, radiation and professional services, as mandated through SB-37.

Our professional billing and collection service, with the support of our legal team, will manage the billing and collection cycle. You don’t need to change anything about your current contracts, your organization, or your usual practices. The patient will interact with Coshire Inc for all data input, consent, and other regulatory processes, freeing your staff from the typically onerous burden of clinical trials management so prohibitive to participation.  Call us if you wish to participate.  A legal brief has been prepared by the health law firm of Frank Gamma for your benefit.  Please reach out for a copy of the independent contract agreement.

Visit our YouTube channel for informative videos or use the form on this page to schedule a time to discuss your participation in the program in further detail.